Sutter Health Modesto Marathon Half-Marathon and More Sunday, March 11

The Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center is sponsoring the Modesto Marathon which is being held this year on Sunday, March 11. This marathon is on a flat course, so you needn’t worry about a Heartbreak Hill intruding on your race experience.

The marathon, half-marathon and the relay marathon (for two people) start at the Modesto Centre Plaza, 1000 L St., Modesto at 7 am. The 5K race starts at 7:25 am. Your race packets will be available starting at 6 am. Online registration closes the day of the race, but you are urged to register as soon as possible. You can register here which includes the various race entry fees. Continue reading

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Will Sex Be the Next Winter Olympic Sport?

It’s amazing that the Olympians are the best of the best in the world. Just to be chosen to compete is amazing. Stamina is sure to play center stage when it comes to physical prowess. I also appears that the 2,925 athletes must have excess stamina after their events.

South Korean organizers have distributed 110,000 condoms to the athletes. This works out to a little more than 37 condoms per individual! Over the two-week Winter Olympics, they could use 19 per week or about 5 condoms every two days. Continue reading

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Is America a Sick Country “Built for Money”?

TV host Bill Maher has not been a friend of the conservative people. Over the years, he has become a leftist. Rallying against capitalism and embracing socialism he has become a strong activist for the Democrats. He supports marijuana and prostitution as well as other liberal causes.

Conservapedia reports that Bill Maher even compared “retarded” children to dogs! Continue reading

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Catalina Island Marathon – Saturday March 10, 2018

Feel like running with the buffaloes? Well, you may not get the chance, but you will enjoy the beautiful views. This is a challenging course, not for the faint of heart. you will go from seal level to just about 1600 feet and back down.

The full marathon starts at 7 in the morning on Saturday, March 10th.. If you plan on just walking the marathon, you will start at 6:30 am.

Other times are Avalon 5K: 8:15 a.m., 10K: 8:20 a.m, and the Avalon Kids Run: 9:30 a.m.

You can register here. Registration closes on March 7th.

After the race you can get more information and results on the Catalina Island Marathon web site.

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NIMBY Crowd Resists Teachers Living Near Them

The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people in Mountain View, CA are fighting against an affordable housing project that will be exclusively for teachers. The Mountain View Whisman School District owns 9.5 acres called Cooper Park.

Their proposed plan would include 82 3-story townhouses to be rented to teachers in the school district. The section of the park, between 5 and 6 acres will not be disturbed. The existing playground and tennis courts will remain untouched. Continue reading

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