Sex Toys Can Be Hacked!

If you have a predilection for sex toys, take heed to this warning. Your sex toy can possibly be hacked. Maybe that misguided 16-year-old neighbor kid with a propensity for hacking might be able to play alongside you in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Continue reading

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Who Is Going to Win Super Bowl 50? Careful When You Answer!

Imagine going to the Super Bowl as part of the winning team and then being sent home just four days before the big game! Ryan Murphy, a safety for the Denver Broncos, just suffered this fate. On top of it, he is a rookie and just blew the chance of getting one of the coveted Super Bowl Rings! Continue reading

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Win the Powerball Lottery and Prepare for a Huge Tax Bill

Powerball Lottery Ticket With the Powerball lottery expecting to pass $1.7 Billion ($1,700,000,000.00) everyone is talking about how they are going to give away $1 Million to a lot of their friends. Be careful with how many you give this to, as you will trigger a huge gift tax penalty (yes, I say penalty which I believe should not be there) of an additional tax of 40%.

Let’s take a look at the taxes on a Powerball win. Continue reading

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404 Page Not Found Error on All WordPress Blog Posts

I woke up one morning to discover one of my blogs, Left Coast Firearms, was getting a 404 Page Not Found error on every post, and page with the exception of the main page. I was able to go in and edit the posts and pages and update them (so the SQL database was OK), but the 404 error remained. Continue reading

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Did Santa Hire Boston Dynamics To Build Reindeer? [VIDEO]

For nearly 25 years Boston Dynamics has been working on robotics for the United States military, DARPA and other organizations. Their attention to “advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed” is remarkable. And now it appears that Santa Clause has hired them to develop a set of new robots. Continue reading

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