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All Entertainers Should Follow Dolly Parton – Shut Up and Entertain!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I have always admired Dolly Parton. Aside from her beauty, marvelous voice, fabulous concerts and great acting, her mind is also beautiful, and sharp as a tack too! David Wright of ABC’s Nightline tried to get … Continue reading

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Is America a Sick Country “Built for Money”?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn TV host Bill Maher has not been a friend of the conservative people. Over the years, he has become a leftist. Rallying against capitalism and embracing socialism he has become a strong activist for the Democrats. … Continue reading

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NIMBY Crowd Resists Teachers Living Near Them

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people in Mountain View, CA are fighting against an affordable housing project that will be exclusively for teachers. The Mountain View Whisman School District owns 9.5 acres called Cooper … Continue reading

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NYC Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are a Bad Idea

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Right on the tails of SCOTUS making same-sex marriage the law of the land, Daniel Dromm, a Democrat Queens City Councilman, announced he is introducing a law that will require gender-neutral bathrooms in businesses. He is … Continue reading

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Do Not Take Your Cupcake to School

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It is hard to believe that a school outlawed a batch of cupcakes a student took to class.  In a tribute to soldiers, he put a plastic green soldier on top of every cupcake. A teacher … Continue reading

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