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Is America a Sick Country “Built for Money”?

TV host Bill Maher has not been a friend of the conservative people. Over the years, he has become a leftist. Rallying against capitalism and embracing socialism he has become a strong activist for the Democrats. He supports marijuana and … Continue reading

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Win the Powerball Lottery and Prepare for a Huge Tax Bill

With the Powerball lottery expecting to pass $1.7 Billion ($1,700,000,000.00) everyone is talking about how they are going to give away $1 Million to a lot of their friends. Be careful with how many you give this to, as you … Continue reading

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Follow Santa As He Travels the World!

Santa has already started his annual trek across the world.  With the help of NORAD, you can see where he is at the moment.  As of 11:40 PDST, He was visiting Iraq. Click here to track Santa! Related posts: All … Continue reading

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When is Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year in 2013?

The sunset on Wednesday, September 4th, marks the start of Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year.  The celebration lasts until Friday evening, September 6.  The year will be 5774. The Jewish calendar is quite a bit different that … Continue reading

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Steven Kings The Stand Screenplay Now by Scott Cooper

Warner Brothers has committed to bringing Steven King’s The Stand to the big screen.  They have had a hard time keeping someone to get the screenplay ready and direct.  First it was David Yates then Ben Affleck.  Since both of … Continue reading

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