Duke Williams and the Extremes – Great Listening

I have known about Duke Williams and the Extremes for quite a while. I love his creativity. His lyrics are a fresh relief from a lot of the songs today. And his arrangements are tight and well balanced.

This Duke is not the Duke Williams of football fame, so don’t expect to get game tickets from him. He has played with many other musicians over his career one of which in the long list is Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi).

He has released over 50 singles that are available on his Bandcamp page. One of his singles Theme from the Bermuda Triangle has some very interesting and unique sounds and is one of my favorites of his instrumental compositions. Two albums, A Monkey In A Silk Suit Is Still A Monkey and Fantastic Fedora, are available at CD Baby.

His other albums are:

Out of Control

Atomic Organ

Letter to America

Victorias Secret

Whos Planet Is This

Duke and his wife Annie live in Trenton, New Jersey. He can be found playing with many bands in the area. You can also keep up to date at his Facebook page.

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