Will Sex Be the Next Winter Olympic Sport?

It’s amazing that the Olympians are the best of the best in the world. Just to be chosen to compete is amazing. Stamina is sure to play center stage when it comes to physical prowess. I also appears that the 2,925 athletes must have excess stamina after their events.

South Korean organizers have distributed 110,000 condoms to the athletes. This works out to a little more than 37 condoms per individual! Over the two-week Winter Olympics, they could use 19 per week or about 5 condoms every two days.

The Korea Biomedical Review reports:

“We are supplying Barunsengkak condoms for athletes attending the Winter Olympics with goodwill, and believe that Korea’s representative condom brand should donate for the event,” said a Convenience spokesperson. “We hope to aid the athletes visiting from various countries to complete their events successfully and safely.”

Well, they certainly made it “convenient” for the athletes to work off their excess energy!

Just for grins, let’s assume that the Olympians pair up with other Olympians. That comes to 5 sessions per athlete. Talk about stamina! Will we see sex as the next Winter Olympic sport? That should keep them warm!


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