NIMBY Crowd Resists Teachers Living Near Them

The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people in Mountain View, CA are fighting against an affordable housing project that will be exclusively for teachers. The Mountain View Whisman School District owns 9.5 acres called Cooper Park.

Their proposed plan would include 82 3-story townhouses to be rented to teachers in the school district. The section of the park, between 5 and 6 acres will not be disturbed. The existing playground and tennis courts will remain untouched.

People are fighting this teacher housing for a variety of reasons. An unknown impact on the environment, traffic and less parking are some of these concerns.

Kevin Forestieri of the Mountain View Voice reports:

“Developing Cooper Park is not an acceptable option,” said resident Maura Rees, who said there are hundreds of neighborhood residents prepared to fight. She said developing the site is unfeasible — contrary to the conclusion of the feasibility report — and warned that they will use every legal option available to save the area.

“This is basically the third rail of Mountain View politics that you’re stepping on here,” she said.

Maybe someone needs to short out that 3rd rail and help the teachers that are instructing their children.

I’m wondering if these NIMBY people would agree to have their property taxes substantially increased in order to boost their teachers’ salaries so they can afford to rent in the area.

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