Guns and Ammo Are Not the Only Items that Are Selling Out After Shootings

Every time there is a horrific shooting, firearms and ammunition seem to be flying off the store shelves for self-protection and in anticipation of more draconian gun laws.

And firearms are not the only things that are disappearing from store shelves. Even many internet stores are being sold out. There is a run on bulletproof backpacks for children. Some backpacks are capable of withstanding 10 hits with a .44 magnum and also 9mm bullets.

ABC13 Eyewitness News reports:

Samantha MacPherson with Guard Dog Security told Eyewitness News they started making and selling the backpacks after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. She added that they have seen an increase in demand for the product since Parkland. It comes with a certification showing it was tested by an independent lab certified by the National Institute of Justice and that it withstood a total of 10 shots from just over eight feet from a .44 caliber and a 9 millimeter handgun — without penetration.

These backpacks look like normal backpacks, but have ballistic materials that resist bullets from penetrating through the backpack.

Here is a video from ABC13 Eyewitness News:

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