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Will Sex Be the Next Winter Olympic Sport?

It’s amazing that the Olympians are the best of the best in the world. Just to be chosen to compete is amazing. Stamina is sure to play center stage when it comes to physical prowess. I also appears that the … Continue reading

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Is America a Sick Country “Built for Money”?

TV host Bill Maher has not been a friend of the conservative people. Over the years, he has become a leftist. Rallying against capitalism and embracing socialism he has become a strong activist for the Democrats. He supports marijuana and … Continue reading

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Catalina Island Marathon – Saturday March 10, 2018

Feel like running with the buffaloes? Well, you may not get the chance, but you will enjoy the beautiful views. This is a challenging course, not for the faint of heart. you will go from seal level to just about … Continue reading

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NIMBY Crowd Resists Teachers Living Near Them

The NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people in Mountain View, CA are fighting against an affordable housing project that will be exclusively for teachers. The Mountain View Whisman School District owns 9.5 acres called Cooper Park. Their proposed plan … Continue reading

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40th Annual Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon – Sunday March 4. 2018

The Napa Valley Marathon in held on March 4, 2018. The starting line is at 755 Silverado Trail North, Calistoga, CA. The marathon ends at Vintage High School, 1375 Trower Avenue, Napa, CA. Registration closes on March 1, 2018 and … Continue reading

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