Perseids meteor shower peak this Thursday, August 11


This week, the coming Perseids meteor shower is expected to put on quite a show.  The peak of the shower will occur Thursday night, August 11th until dawn on Friday the 12th.  This year is expected to be more spectacular than previous years.

Perseid Meteor August 2009 by andyspictures

Perseid Meteor August 2009 by andyspictures

The Perseids historically have shown 50 meteors an hour and sometimes peaking at 100 per hour.  This shower is named for their apparent point of origin: the constellation Perseus.  I wouldn’t worry if you can’t find the constellation Perseus as the meteors should be visible in all parts of the sky.

This is also a great time to take some dazzling pictures.  See How to take photos of a meteor shower for hints on taking some great pics!

Photo of Perseid Meteor August 2009 via Flickr by andyspictures

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