Sex Toys Can Be Hacked!

If you have a predilection for sex toys, take heed to this warning. Your sex toy can possibly be hacked. Maybe that misguided 16-year-old neighbor kid with a propensity for hacking might be able to play alongside you in a way you wouldn’t imagine.

Trend Micro of Japan demonstrated just that at CeBIT in Hanover Germany. CeBIT is a show and conference highlighting “product innovations from all over the world.” Trend Micro produces anti-virus and security software.

The Surprising Sex Hack

Udo Schneider from Trend Micro demonstrated his hacking skills on a bright pink vibrator. All it took was a few keystrokes and the vibrator started its performance in front of shocked journalists from all over the world.

The Chief Technology Officer of Trend Micro, Raimund Genes, said:

“If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun. But if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer.”

In other words, if someone can hack into the operating system or firmware in a sex toy, they could possibly make a lot of money from the manufacturers of that device. Once the hack is published, any pubescent kid with a computer or laptop can have a field day.

Be Careful with Sex Toys

The kid can just download the hack and have fun turning on and off the toy or even enabling enhanced modes without even knowing how to hack. This has happened with computer, smartphone and even router hacks for years. If hackers can get into power grids and destroy parts of steel mills (like they did in Germany), sex toys are child’s play (no pun intended).

Imagine what the kid next door could do with that sex robot from Japan…

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