Homeless Man Gets Reward of $100,000 for Escapees’ Capture (video)

A homeless man in San Francisco is getting a check for $100,000. Matthew Hay-Chapman recognized the van that Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu had stolen in order to get away after they escaped from Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana.

Matthew reported the van on January 28th and the two escaped convicts to the San Francisco police in the area and they were able to arrest the pair of escapees. Matthew saw the notice of the escape, which occurred on January 22nd, on The Drudge Report.

Thanks to his sharp observation, he is now $100,000 richer. No word was available from Matthew on what he will be doing next. I would imagine he would get some clothes and a place to live. After that he would need to find a means of ongoing support.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors approved the $100,000 check and Matthew should receive it soon if he hasn’t already done so.

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