Giant Comets May Threaten the Earth???

Comet C 2006 W3 Astronomers studying comets and other celestial bodies are raising alarms that giant comets may threaten the Earth. Ya think??? Yes, if a giant comet were to collide with our planet, we would be in for a big shock.

Earth could be pulverized into space dust along with every living being. Or a ten-thousand year clouds that freezes all life except for the microbes and worms at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe just the tail of a comet would cause brimstone raining from the heavens, crushing and burning cars, houses and eventually all life crawling on the surface of this planet. An exploding sun could also get rid of this sphere upon which we live.

Bill Napier of the University of Buckingham, one of the co-authors of the report continues this scenario:

“A centaur arrival carries the risk of injecting, into the atmosphere… a mass of dust and smoke comparable to that assumed in nuclear winter studies,” wrote the researchers, referring to the hypothesised climate effects from the soot that would be released by firestorms caused in an atomic war.

“Thus, in terms of magnitude, its ranking among natural existential risks appears to be high,” they said.

So, there are many things in the solar system that can cause our demise. Let’s study them so we can eventually look through the telescope and say “Oh no, Mr. Bill!” in the final moments of earth’s existence.

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