Steve Harvey and Miss Universe 2015 [VIDEO]

Steve Harvey just had the most embarrassing moment of his long career. He mistakenly announced the crown for Miss Universe 2015 as going to Miss Colombia. The fact was Miss Colombia was the First Runner Up and the 2015 Miss Universe was actually Miss Philippians.

As the crowd was cheering for Miss Colombia, Steve Harvey stepped up and corrected the situation: “OK Folks. Ah… There’s… I have to apologize. The First Runner Up is Colombia.” Pandemonium broke out in the crowd and both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippians showed shock on their faces.

Steve continued “Miss Universe 2015 – Miss Philippines.” I feel sorry for Mr. Harvey. “Listen folks. Let me just take control of this…” Steve did take control of the situation and showed the cameras that the card said the First Runner Up was Colombia. I admire him for standing firm and admitting the mistake. Others may have just walked off the stage and let someone else finish.

The crown and sash were removed from Miss Colombia and put on Miss Philippines. Both women handles the situation quite well and I am very proud of both of them.

Well, If you are going to make a mistake in front of millions of people, it might as be a gig one; a REAL BIG one. Watch the video below for the embarrassing moment and correction.

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