Hero Deputy Saves Lives in Norfolk, Nebraska

With all the police hating so pervasive on the Internet, I felt I had to show something so positive that it should overshadow any thoughts of police as the bad guys. Yes, there are a few bad apples, but they are in the extreme minority with 99.999% of all law enforcement officers being decent, dedicated people. This Deputy exposed his life to a horrible death of being crushed or run over to save many people, and I along with a lot of other people say he is a true hero.

It started with a report of a possible drunk behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. As the police approached the moving truck, the driver appeared to be slumped over the wheel. Sergeant Volk, a deputy with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department decided to do what is only seen in the movies or cartoons: jump onto the moving truck.

Sergeant Volk managed to jump onto the running board of the cab after a long, 12-mile chase. The truck was coming close to populated areas and the sergeant believed this was his last chance of stopping the truck. He made the jump, was able to gain access to the cab and stop the truck, just short of the Karl Stefan Memorial Airport in Norfolk, Nebraska.

The driver was having a diabetic attack and was taken to the hospital after being given some glucose. He didn’t know he had a blood sugar problem before and this first attack nearly killed him. He is expected to fully recover.

Sergeant Volk said “It was just one of those things we had to get done. This was just a unique circumstance. We needed to get that big rig.” Sergeant Volk is definitely a hero. Who knows how many people would have been killed or injured by the runaway truck?

Sergeant Volk deserves a medal for his actions.

Watch the video below showing Volk’s heroic actions.

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