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404 Page Not Found Error on All WordPress Blog Posts

I woke up one morning to discover one of my blogs, Left Coast Firearms, was getting a 404 Page Not Found error on every post, and page with the exception of the main page. I was able to go in … Continue reading

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Did Santa Hire Boston Dynamics To Build Reindeer? [VIDEO]

For nearly 25 years Boston Dynamics has been working on robotics for the United States military, DARPA and other organizations. Their attention to “advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed” is remarkable. And now it appears that … Continue reading

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Giant Comets May Threaten the Earth???

Astronomers studying comets and other celestial bodies are raising alarms that giant comets may threaten the Earth. Ya think??? Yes, if a giant comet were to collide with our planet, we would be in for a big shock. Earth could … Continue reading

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Steve Harvey and Miss Universe 2015 [VIDEO]

Steve Harvey just had the most embarrassing moment of his long career. He mistakenly announced the crown for Miss Universe 2015 as going to Miss Colombia. The fact was Miss Colombia was the First Runner Up and the 2015 Miss … Continue reading

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Hero Deputy Saves Lives in Norfolk, Nebraska

With all the police hating so pervasive on the Internet, I felt I had to show something so positive that it should overshadow any thoughts of police as the bad guys. Yes, there are a few bad apples, but they … Continue reading

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