NYC Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are a Bad Idea

Right on the tails of SCOTUS making same-sex marriage the law of the land, Daniel Dromm, a Democrat Queens City Councilman, announced he is introducing a law that will require gender-neutral bathrooms in businesses. He is bowing down to the transgender people to make them feel more comfortable when entering a bathroom. 20150627_210324

I believe this is a really bad idea. I predict it will backfire on this city councilman and possible ruin his political career.

Before you go all ballistic, listen to the cold hard facts and then go wild with the comments and threats if you desire.

Consider this: Rest rooms should be segregated. Period. No question! But, they should not be segregated by male or female traits, since the plumbing you were born with, presently have, or have had removed or appended, is no longer recognized by our government. It is all about how a person feels about the gender, which can actually change from day to day.

A man dressing as a woman, a woman dressing as a man, or any number of possible operations with the person dressing as who knows what, leads to a might confusion that is more puzzling than the Gordian Knot.

My solution is to segregate the rest rooms by standees or sittees. That’s right, you read that correctly! Segregate the bathrooms by whether the person stands or sits when they urinate.

The standees include genetically born males that feel like they are a man and pee standing up, genetically born females that feel like a female (remember, there are appliances that allow women to pee standing up), genetic females that feel like they are a male and pee while standing and anyone else that stands while urinating.

The sittees include genetic women that feel like they are women and sit while urinating, men who think they are women and sit to pee, men who have had their Johnson removed and sit, men who feel like they are men but still sit and everyone else who sits to urinate.

Here is the reason: anyone who sits to urinate has two problems. The first is a toilet seat left in the up position. Anyone entering the restroom and distracted by texting, talking on the phone or watching cat videos would invariably sit down and fall into the toilet bowl. If the toilet bowl wasn’t flushed after the last use, the posterior dunking would become even worse. The second problem is a toilet seat that is splashed or even soaked with urine.

So here is my proposal: Label the Standee restrooms with a picture of a person standing and peeing in a urinal. The Standee bathroom would have a urinal and a toilet to meet both needs of the person who stands, regardless of gender or perceived gender. Label the Sittee restroom with a person sitting on the toilet and have just the toilet. The urinal, if present, would be removed.

See, here is a completely logical way to solve the problem without hurting anyone’s feelings or causing a ruckus when someone gets wet unexpectedly. Nobody, regardless of their plumbing or feelings wants to get wet with toilet water or urine!

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