Lesson on Fluffed Up Blog Posts

There are many different views on the optimal length of a blog post to retain readership or at least keep the reader interested in finishing the post. Also included in this advice is the length that attracts Google and other search engines. I have seen numbers from just over 100 to 600 or more.

Many writers, particularly newbie bloggers, read about a magical number and then start fluffing up the post with a lot of words and descriptive adjectives and adverbs in order to reach that number. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work.

In a forum I happen to be a part of, the question of post interest came up “Do You Abandon Content When It’s Too Long?” Fluff posts cause one to lose interest quite rapidly, so I decided to present the following lesson to the forum.

I seemingly strive to religiously and dutifully browse the opening paragraph or paragraphs for exceedingly concise, superbly succinct, beautifully brief, amazingly terse and summarizing prose which will whet my voracious appetite and eclectic interests so that I may dynamically increase my knowledge for such trivial and nontrivial tidbits gleaned from such aforementioned paragraph or paragraphs while avoiding all semblance, appearance and/or resemblance, large or small, to fluff.

Any transgression of this results in my hitting the DELETE key or clicking on that funny X In The Box.

Thus concludeth the lesson, Grasshopper.

Heed this sage advice when writing, my friends.

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