Use Ball Mason Jars to Keep Everything Fresh When Canning (Video)

Ball jars-jpg I remember my mother canning peaches, other fruits and foods so we would be able to enjoy them over the winter months when the stores didn’t carry them. The peaches were even better than fresh when they were canned. I still remember winter breakfasts with warm buttered toast slathered with delicious, sweet canned peaches.

I remember Mom boiling the Ball mason jars and lids and filling them with peaches and their natural syrup. The lids went on immediately and they would stay fresh for years. I remember eating some peaches a few years old that tasted just as good as the day they were canned; yes, almost always a jar was opened the next morning to top the morning toast.

Yes, those Ball mason jars certainly kept the food fresh. I had no idea how long things could be kept fresh until I saw this commercial. From the looks of it, I believe Ball mason jars can keep everything fresh for at least 130 years!

Ball no longer manufactures those iconic mason jars, but Fresh Preserving does.

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