People in Trouble for Sale on Amazon!

It appears that the automated advertisements in search engines have gone berserk at times. With all the billions of dollars spent by Google and others on search algorithms you would think they get something simple like an ad right.

For instance, if you type in “wrench set” in your search engine you will get ads for Craftsmen, Harbor Freight Tools and yes, even Amazon. The search algorithms worked well and the appropriate advertisements were presented. However, there are times when the advertisements seem to go bonkers at times.

I saw an ad on TV that showed the mother in of the Alaskan Bush People family being questioned by the State Police so I wanted to find out what happened without watching the whole show. I entered “Alaskan bush people trouble” in a search engine and up pops the following advertisement at the top of the page:

Amazon Buy People in Trouble I also saw an ad that promised I could find the Alaskan Bush People, which didn’t help me at all in answering my question. Maybe this is how the Alaskan State Police found the Alaskan Bush People – through Field and Stream Magazine.


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