The Pope’s Counselor on Global Warming Does Not Believe in God or Jesus!

Pope Francis is head of the largest of all the Christian religious sects. He runs the show and guides the church as its Holy Father. Lately, you may have noticed that the pope has entered the climate change debate. Many eyebrows were raised when he entered into the global warming/cooling fray.

Enter Hans Joachim Schellnhuber inside the Vatican walls. Hans is advising the Holy See in how to formulate the Catholic Church’s stance on climate change. Any world leader has many advisers and the pope is no exception.

Hans, however is an adviser of a different breed. Hans is an atheist and he is the first to admit it. What happened to all of the Catholics that happen to be part of the leftist climate change group? I am sure you would find many well-qualified Catholics in any profession and climate is no exception. Could it be that Pope Francis is leaning too far left and straying from his faith?

Hans Schellnhuber is not devoid of all beliefs; Gaia is his idol. He believes that Gaia is basically an all-cognizant earth. He believes Gaia senses all that happens and reacts to correct the ills that humans inflict upon it. His Gaia is not omnipotent and if pushed far enough will result in self-destruction.

While Christians believe Jesus will save all those who believe in Him, Gaia is powerless to even save itself. Hans is the pope’s climate prophet and it is apparent that this false prophet has Pope Francis hoodwinked.

Why is the pope trusting an atheist and idolater instead of the Words of God and Jesus? Are we approaching the point in time where false prophets and teachers have even taken over the Vatican? Where can we find the answers to these questions?

Maybe Pope Francis should turn to the Bible on conservation of the earth rather than an atheist.

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