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NYC Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are a Bad Idea

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Right on the tails of SCOTUS making same-sex marriage the law of the land, Daniel Dromm, a Democrat Queens City Councilman, announced he is introducing a law that will require gender-neutral bathrooms in businesses. He is … Continue reading

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Lesson on Fluffed Up Blog Posts

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There are many different views on the optimal length of a blog post to retain readership or at least keep the reader interested in finishing the post. Also included in this advice is the length that … Continue reading

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Use Ball Mason Jars to Keep Everything Fresh When Canning (Video)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I remember my mother canning peaches, other fruits and foods so we would be able to enjoy them over the winter months when the stores didn’t carry them. The peaches were even better than fresh when … Continue reading

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People in Trouble for Sale on Amazon!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It appears that the automated advertisements in search engines have gone berserk at times. With all the billions of dollars spent by Google and others on search algorithms you would think they get something simple like … Continue reading

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The Pope’s Counselor on Global Warming Does Not Believe in God or Jesus!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pope Francis is head of the largest of all the Christian religious sects. He runs the show and guides the church as its Holy Father. Lately, you may have noticed that the pope has entered the … Continue reading

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