Skype and Windows 8 – Not a Good Combination

The Skype that comes with Windows 8 is horrid.  I use Skype to coordinate various activities and blog publishing.  So, when my laptop of many years finally gave up the ghost, I was forced into a Laptop running Windows 8.

The Skype setup was straight forward but I didn’t care its incorporation with the email account which I never use.  I finally found my way to the desktop, escaping from the Windows 8 home view.

Working along, I get one of the many Skype messages I receive each hour.  Clicking on the notification suddenly puts Skype into full-screen mode.  This was definitely an irritation when you are used to having multiple applications open at once.

After a few hours of such bouncing back and forth, I finished the pressing work and started searching for a solution.  Much to my dismay, there are no Skype settings to make it open in a window instead of hogging the whole screen.

I did manage to find a bit of information from Microsoft who bought Skype for their own purposes.

“We’re really proud of Skype for Windows 8, but we haven’t forgotten about the desktop. Skype for Windows desktop is still being developed and works really well on Windows 8.”

I’m not proud at all of Skype for Windows 8 – it sucks!  However, the prospect of a desktop version, even if it is in development, caused me to install it.  I am proud to announce that is has worked for over a week flawlessly and I am a lot less irate (after all, Windows 8 is a totally weird-behaving OS).

Just get your Skype Desktop for Windows 8 right here!

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