Documents.library-ms” is no longer working – in Windows 8

My old laptop died and could not be resurrected one more time.  I bought a brand-new Toshiba Satellite L875D with a great 17-inch display.  Unfortunately it came with Windows 8 and I could not talk Best Buy into installing Windows 7 on it instead.

Everything was going fine for just over a week when I get the following error message when saving an Office 2013 Word document:

“Documents.library-ms” is no longer working. This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.

I had to manually browse through all the paths on the C: root drive to save the file in the proper subfolder in My Documents.  This was not going to go well, as I am a blogger and write all my posts in Word and save them locally on my hard drive or archival disk.

I did manage to find a solution for this error message in the Microsoft Community but it was for the Windows 7 OS.  Naturally, I was determined to try it.  So, after backing up the hard drive and my files, I followed this advice:

Oddly enough, it seems to fix this problem you need to delete the misbehaving library first.  Deleting a library does not delete the content of the folder.  To fix this problem, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the corresponding library and choose Delete. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

Then, in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer, right-click on Libraries and click Restore default libraries.  This recreates the library that you just deleted. This option will only restore the default libraries that came with Windows 7.


It worked.  Thank you, Microsoft Barbie for your post of April 5th!

P.S. It also helps if you do this for all four (Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos) libraries.  Just delete all four and then restore the default libraries.  It seems they all corrupt at once.

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