Revenge In the Kitchen

Many things can happen in the kitchen.  We have featured a few things like revenge that can tickle your sense of morbidity or provide a sense of getting even without putting yourself in jail.  Adding a sense of magic in the kitchen followed by a well-deserved break to fill out your day with a cup of hot chocolate is rewarding.  Kick back and enjoy!


If you have ever suffered a bad breakup or had a wretched encounter with a boss or fellow worker, this next unique kitchen gadget may be just what the doctor ordered to assuage your foul mood. Not for use in the workplace, this unique kitchen gadget, may help you feel better from its proper place in the kitchen.

Raffaele Iannello surely designed his Voodoo/TheEx knife set for this purpose.  It consists of an image of a person falling over backwards with five quality stainless steel knives piercing the body.  Aptly named, a lot of people have strong feelings for this kitchen gadget and it frequently is out of stock due to its popularity.  Available in red, green, pink, black, blue, white and orange, it has appeared in over 30 television shows and movies.  It is also available in a chrome version.

Voodoo-TheEx knife holder in red

Voodoo-TheEx knife holder in chrome

If you are not yet over the negative feelings from that ended relationship, just throw a party and invite your closest friends and supporters.  Assemble some hors d’oeuvres, cheese and meat cubes or vegetable pieces, and arrange them in the dish of the Ex Skewer Set.  This is also designed by Raffaele Iannello.  The ten stainless steel skewers impaling a body falling backwards are perfect for sharing bites of tasty appetizers.

Just set it on your kitchen island or counter and it is sure to start some conversation while you and your friends prepare the main course or adult libations. It is available in black, white and red to fit in with just about any kitchen décor.  The body is removable, will stand on its own and reveals a place to put some dip for your appetizers.

Voodoo-TheEx Skewer Holder in black

Voodoo-TheEx Skewer Holder in black


I happen to love sushi and have had many failures in trying to make sushi rolls at home.  Hand-making the sushi roll or even just a roll of plain rice on which to place my delicately-sliced tuna, eel, salmon or other fish has resulted in everything just falling apart as I dip it into the wasabi-infused soy sauce.  I came to the conclusion that there is some magic at work in the hands of my favorite Itamae.

Well, I have found a machine that appears to be my source of magic when it comes to sushi.  The Perfect Easy Roll Sushi Maker Machine (that’s a mouthful) has the magic to turn out perfect sushi rolls.  It may not make me even a Shokunin, but at least my sushi does not fall apart any more.

The Perfect Easy Roll Sushi Maker Machine is available in black, red and green to match whatever kitchen décor you have designed.


And when you are talking magic in the kitchen, my mind automatically goes to The Magic Bullet.  If you need to chop, dice, shred or puree food this is your ideal tool for quick work in the kitchen.  It is also great for fruit health drinks and iced concoctions.

The basic set comes with a set of four party glasses with colored rings and tall and short mugs.  If you need to quickly make some dip or salsa, you can quickly fix your desired recipe in short order.  It cleans up quick and the basic 17-piece set is available for under $50.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I own one of these and can attest to the fact that is a great time saver.


The Magic Bullet

Combination Gadgets

Gadgets that save you time in the kitchen are a favorite of those who are not aspiring chefs and just want to accomplish kitchen tasks with a minimum or effort.  Here are some unique kitchen gadgets that perform multiple tasks or function as different machines to both save time and trouble.

Egg-muffin sandwiches are a favorite of mine.  In my younger days, I used to stop by a familiar burger joint every morning for a couple of egg-muffin sandwiches and a cup of coffee. The Back to Basic Egg ‘N Muffin 4-Slice Toaster/2 Egg Cooker allows me (and you) to cook a pair of these breakfast sandwiches with a minimum of fuss.

Just pop in a pair of split English muffins and two eggs into this unique cooker.  The muffins are toasted to your definition of perfection and the eggs are flawlessly poached for the ideal egg-muffin sandwich.  It is available for under $60.

Back to Basic Egg 'N Muffin 4-Slice Toaster/2 Egg Cooker

Back to Basic Egg ‘N Muffin 4-Slice Toaster/2 Egg Cooker

Speaking of breakfast, coffee is the most popular breakfast beverage, at least from my perspective.  A breakfast without nice cup of coffee is tantamount to an automobile without wheels.  Coffee gives you the get-up-and-go to start the day.  But, what if you want a different coffee drink like an espresso, cappuccino or even some hot chocolate?  You need a multipurpose machine.

We came across the DeLonghi BCO330T. It should meet the caffeine needs of all but the most finicky barista.  Besides you Drip Coffee, espresso, cappuccino and hot chocolate, you can also make lattes.  Why not invite over the whole coffee klatch for a morning of friendship?  You can make everything they want.  You can pick one up for less than a C-note ($100).

DeLonghi BCO330T multifunction coffee machine

Do you have a favorite unique kitchen gadget?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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