Ravi Shankar Dies at 92

Ravi Shankar 04

Ravi Shankar passed away yesterday, December 11, 2012 near his home in Encinitas, California.  Last week he had surgery on a heart valve and he did not recover.

The virtuoso sitar player from India has performed with orchestras from all over the world including The New York and London Philharmonic Orchestras.  He was close friends with many musicians including The Beatles and Maynard Ferguson and appeared on their albums as well as his own.

The Jazz world has lost a great performer, but his music will live on for ever.

Ravi Shankar 01 via Flickr by Patrick van IJzendoorn

Ravi Shankar 02 via Flickr by Revanta

Ravi Shankar 03 via Flickr by urban worrier

Ravi Shankar 04 via Flickr by urban worrier

Ravi Shankar 05 via Flickr by twm1340

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