Billions spent to find Higgs boson no practical use

Billions have been spent by scientists over the last 48 years to discover Higgs boson.  Commonly called the “God particle”, it is not the particle that scientists think enabled the creation of the universe.

The term “God particle” was a joke because at the beginning, scientists were calling it the “godda***d particle” because it was so elusive in trying to discover.

Professor Peter Higgs, now 83, said “It’s hard enough with particles which have longer life times for decay to make them useful. Some of the ones which have life times of only maybe a millionth of a second or so are used in medical applications. How you could have an application of this thing which is very short lived, I have no idea.”

Professor Stephen Hawking called Higgs to report that the discovery of the particle had cost him $100.  Hawking had a $100 bet with another scientist that the particle would not be discovered in Higgs lifetime.

Well, maybe there was a use for Higgs boson.  It made someone $100 richer.

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