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Prednisone alcohol

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Besides being 7-Eleven’s birthday, July 11th is also National Blueberry Muffin Day.  Celebrate all day long with these two recipes for tasty, mouth-watering blueberry muffins. Get you salivary glands all worked up over some of these … Prednisone alcohol

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Happy Birthday 7-Eleven – Free Slurpee Day!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s that time of year again with Free Slurpee Day!  Celebrate the 7-Eleven Birthday by getting a free small Slurpee! July 7th is written 7-11, so it is a perfect date to celebrate their birthday.  And … Continue reading

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Billions spent to find Higgs boson no practical use

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Billions have been spent by scientists over the last 48 years to discover Higgs boson.  Commonly called the “God particle”, it is not the particle that scientists think enabled the creation of the universe. The term … Continue reading

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The poor economy is driving people to ruin their lives

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn With the unemployment up to sky-high levels, people are starting to do some stupid things in order to survive.  At least the news is reporting all the copper thefts. People are even stealing those bronze cups … Continue reading

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