Rosedale denied connection of a planned e-community center to Google Fiber

Rosedale, a community of Kansas City, Kansas is planning for their future when Google Fiber becomes available.  Rosedale has no community center.  They also do not have a library.  What they want to do is create a place where residents can go and learn about using the Internet and other services like searches and email.

Google Fiber The Rosedale Development Association joined forces with Connecting for Good to plan and create such a center.  Connecting for Good is a local non-profit organization that wants to teach everyone in its area to become Internet savvy and help those in low-income areas become Internet literate.

To create the “e-community center”, they planned on creating a free Wi-Fi network for the residents’ use and connect their network to Google’s Google Fiber project.  The 1 Gbps Google Fiber connections would give the community Wi-Fi network the necessary bandwidth to support all the users.

They asked Google if they could work out a deal and Google turned them down.  Evidently, the licensing requirements for the use of Google Fiber prohibit this use of their network.

I would think that Google is looking for a maximum return on their investment to bring 1 Gbps Internet service to all the houses and businesses in Kansas City, Kansas.  If a free community Wi-Fi network were connected to nodes of Google Fiber, virtually no one would pay for a 1 Gbps service when a community network was available for free.

Connecting for Good and the Rosedale Development Association are talking with the Kauffman Foundation for funding as well as the city.  If the connection to Google Fiber never materializes, they have other means to get the necessary bandwidth.

Do you think Google will bend with the community and eventually allow the “e-community center” to connect to Google Fiber?


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