A picture of the Moog that I cut my teeth on in the fall of 1969 at Temple

I tracked down a picture of the original Moog I had access to (as an undergraduate at Temple University School of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) whenever the graduate students were not using it.  This picture (circa 1980 by Harrison of the Tangent Project) does not show the ribbon controller that was there when I started using it in 1969/70.

To the right was a 4×4 matrix mixer that fed two Scully 1/2 track reel-to-reel recorders.  I remember carrying three or four 15″ 3M recording tape boxes around for the projects on which I was working.  I wish I could find that hand-written note signed by Dr. Taylor that was my keys to the kingdom.

Some of my electronic music made was featured in the short film The Runaway by Dan Helfgott for a film project.  I also wrote some original music for the film and remember the fun trip to Oberlin College in Ohio to record the soundtrack.  I think I still have a TDK cassette of the music around somewhere.

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