You can be arrested for using cash

Lorenzo Gaspar went into a store and tried to pay for a purchase with a $50 bill.  The clerk used the magic pen to check if it was real and that test failed, besides, the bill looked off-center and did not look like any bill the clerk had seen before.

Lorenzo was promptly arrested after the clerk called police and spent some time in jail.  He had to wait until the police took the bill to two different banks before they were satisfied that the $50 bill was indeed real United States Currency.

In my humble opinion, Lorenzo should have been arrested – for stupidity and not for procession of counterfeit currency.  He should have taken that old bill down to the local coin shop and he would have received more than $50 for it.

Pictures of the old $50 bills from Agora Financial.  No pictures of the old $50 bill that Lorenzo used were released.

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