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Generic zithromax

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I tracked down a picture of the original Moog I had access to (as an undergraduate at Temple University School of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) whenever the graduate students were not using it.  This picture (circa … Generic zithromax

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Happy Birthday, Robert Moog!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today is Robert Moog’s 78th birthday.  It also happens to be my 62nd! I remember working with the Moog Synthesizer in Temple University in the basement of the music building.  I believe one of the three … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits don’t get mad at the display case

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Why is there a lot of complaints about this?  It is a statement of fact, as Ted does support the idea of man-made global warming. I like this billboard.  What do you think about it?   … Continue reading

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You can be arrested for using cash

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Lorenzo Gaspar went into a store and tried to pay for a purchase with a $50 bill.  The clerk used the magic pen to check if it was real and that test failed, besides, the bill … Continue reading

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