This headline should have read Adult stem cells

The headline: “Stem cells heal heart attack scars, regrow healthy muscle.” The CBS News ‘health pop’ page announces.  The first thought that comes to mind is embryonic stem cell research.

That phrase has disappeared from the news in the last four years.  No distinction between adult and embryonic stem cells is made in the news anymore.

Rejuvenation of damaged heart tissue caused by a heart attack with adult stem cell treatment is the latest victory.  Previously, this damage was thought to be permanent.

The adult stem cells were “derived from raisin-sized pieces of patients’ own heart tissue.”  Over a thousand cures have been developed from adult stem cells and not a single one from embryonic stem cells.

Companies have stopped investing in embryonic stem cell research and have put their research dollars into adult stem cell research.  There are a few companies that still research embryonic stem cells, but most, if not all of their research is funded by the United States government.

Since no cures have come from embryonic stem cell research and thousands from adult stem cell research, isn’t it time to pull the plug and put those tax dollars to a better use?

Do you think the government should continue to spend millions each year supporting research that has not ever had any advances?

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