Night of the Playing Dead

I’ve known some gamers that will play for hours with only a well-chilled supply of soda or red bull.  In my time of game manufacturing for AVE, I myself have played F-15, Krazy Kreatures or Dudes With Attitude for hours on end with pots of coffee to test out the games even to the point of ignoring bodily functions and stretching the bladder capacity.

I have worked in a room with a lot of other people around hovered over terminals analyzing networks and tracking down hackers and preventing others from entry to a remote network of a highly-charged political web site.  12 to 15 hours at a sitting were not uncommon.

With all of this, we still were aware of our surroundings.  Such was not the case in an Internet gaming café in Taiwan.  The players were so engrossed in their playing that they missed noticing something important.

A fellow gamer had been dead for nine hours when he was finally discovered.  People had been playing next to him and others came and went.  No one noticed that he had died.

Now, if he had doubled over or slumped to the ground, people might have noticed his passing.  Police reported finding the body sitting upright and his arms stretched out as if he was playing a game.

He was last seen talking on a cell phone at 3 pm and the whole night passed before his discovery.  I would figure the screen saver would have kicked in or someone would have noticed no action in his action game.

Maybe everyone thought he was sleeping or resting.  When I worked at the Post Office I knew of a few mail handlers that used to sleep on the job.

The rumor was there was a quick test to see if you were dead or just sleeping.  They would wave a paycheck near the person and if they grabbed it, they were alive.  They stopped using this test when three deceased postal employees grabbed the checks in an after-death reflex reaction.

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