Verizon wireline workers go on strike

Whether you realize it or not, you may be affected by this strike.  Let me tell you a true story and then you can determine of the wireline workers strike could affect you.

Years ago my employees came running to my office and said all the phones and data connections to our building were dead.  Jokingly, I said “well, just hop in your car and see if a telephone pole was knocked down.”

Two of my employees tried calling our voice and data providers on a couple of emergency cell phones and two went driving around looking.  The cell phones could not complete a call so I sent them down the street with a roll of quarters to use a pay phone.

Half an hour later two of my wayward employees came strolling in with grins on their faces.  A train went off the tracks about a mile and a half from the building and a mile of cable along the side of the tracks was ripped up.

That cable (actually two cables from different providers) contained all of our central office lines and tie lines to an off-campus building.  It also contained the feeds for two cell towers.

Within two hours a group of wireline employees from a couple of telcos were standing around with heavy equipment operators waiting for the train to be removed so they could dig up the cable and replace a mile of cable.

That evening, we had five of our 30 CO lines working, and all four of our T1’s  (2 voice 2 data) working temporarily.  Those wireline guys worked hard a long to restore all the critical services.

By morning, the rest of our services were up.

I tell you this story so you might appreciate the role of the men and women in the wireline services.  These people make the difference between disaster and a smooth operation.


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