Ireland has their own TEA party: ousts government in favor of right-of-center government


2011 Irish Elections

I usually don’t dabble in European politics just because they are usually on the socialist/Marxist path to destruction.

However, I see that the Irish people have their own form of TEA party.  I’ll dub them the Fighting Irish Potato Party in remembrance of their suffering during the Great Potato Famine and how they fought to survive..

The people have decided that increased spending and taxes will not help them out of this financial famine.  They also decided that a bailout from the European Union was the worst thing they could have agreed to.

The new politicians in charge will hopefully accelerate spending cuts and rein in the too-large government that has strangled the Irish economy.

I remember years ago where Ireland was an attractive place for new businesses.

I know several friends that spend years flying across the pond to set up companies in Ireland.  Many of those companies shut down their ops over there after the taxes became unfriendly.

Unlike the communist-backed Peoples’ Revolution of the European Union, this peoples’ revolution in Ireland seems to mean business and a path to sound conservative financial principals.  Yes, I know that the conservative party was ousted, but they were not conservative when the signed the bailout.

Let’s wish them luck and pray for their success.

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