Steve Jobs seen at Stanford Cancer Center

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reportedly receiving cancer treatments at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California.

This is the same place Patrick Swayze came for treatment to extend his life living with pancreatic cancer.

Stanford’s Cancer Center is one of the world’s best facilities.  Stanford also does research and does have some experimental programs for those who qualify.

I can personally vouch for Stanford Hospital.  I had an experimental appliance that saved my life from a descending aorta aneurism and the staff and surgeons were outstanding.

So it makes absolute sense that Steve Jobs, one of the richer men in the world, chooses Stanford Cancer Center when he could literally travel anywhere in the world for his treatment.

Apple was founded in Palo Alto, but I doubt that had anything to do with Steve’s choice.

Radar Online has an article on Jobs getting treatment, but they have no idea what the treatment is for.

I would bet it is for pancreatic cancer.

We should all pray for Steve to be healed and for comfort for him and his family.

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